Best Italian food products from Umbria - Delicious recipes and the story of The Taste of Umbria-TASTE ME! I'M ITALIAN FOOD FROM UMBRIA



My name is Chris Smosarski, founder of and I am delighted to be able to offer you an Umbrian eating experience through our delicious Italian food products from Umbria.
My favourite is Strangozzi with Tartufata Sauce and if you add some slices of summer black truffles on top of the pasta you are in heaven!! I have to admit I could eat it every day. Strangozzi (Stringozzi) is sometimes called shoelaces because of its rectangular shape (stringhe is Italian for strings). It is absolutely delicious with Tartufata Sauce made with mushrooms and truffles, Tomato sauce or Ragu (a meat sauce). However do not take my word for it alone please try some Italian food from Umbria for yourself.

My love of all things Umbrian, especially Umbrian food goes back to my early days in Assisi and growing up in an Italian kitchen. I have been surrounded by family who cook wonderful simple food with delicious flavours. My mother made pasta at home and I grew up with pasta drying on a table top or on the backs of chairs. My aunt Cesira makes food from a kitchen no bigger than 10ft x 6ft that when you smelt the aromas coming out of that kitchen they stay with you for life. My uncle Sandro was a chef and boy oh boy he was good - he did a stint at the Savoy after the war and went back to Italy and started his own food business. And lastly I dedicate this website to my aunt and uncle Anna and Giovanni - Anna was a Chaperone to a Countess and spent most of her adult life in Rome and Giovanni was a policeman.

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